Community & Culture: Miranda Lee

Community & Culture: Miranda Lee

Introduce yourself. How long have you been working at Prepared? What team are you currently part of?

My name is Miranda Lee, I’m originally from California and I’ve been working at Prepared for just over two years. I am the Chief of Staff.

Tell us about your role in shaping Prepared’s culture.

As Chief of Staff, I play a role in helping ensure the success of each and every team. I’m always working and interacting cross-functionally, giving me time to speak with a lot of different team members on a daily basis. Those interactions inform how I try to guide company culture.

Whether it’s in those daily conversations, organizing a big team event, or onboarding a new employee, I always remind myself, and others, that we are a company that’s driven by its mission and grounded by our values. By reminding others, I also keep it front and center in my mind as well, which makes it easier to put into practice and lead by example.

How do you see culture playing a role in the day-to-day of employees?

Everything we do should be informed by our goal of creating a safer society through technology. When we approach challenges with that perspective, it helps to keep our mentality focused and inspired by something greater. We built our values with this in mind. Working from that based that, we’ve created various frameworks to help guide employees in decision-making and how we interact with one-another.

That doesn’t mean that we have to run each decision or idea through a rigorous framework but rather, whenever there’s a particularly tough choice or internal debate, we can fall back on mutual trust, shared beliefs, and a transparent culture.

How is who you are an important part of what you do here at Prepared?

For myself, and for the rest of the team, working at Prepared is all about bringing your true, authentic self to work every day. We all have unique experiences, come from different backgrounds, and are at different stages of life. We don’t want that to be something that’s hidden or in the shadows because each perspective can bring value to the company. I feel empowered to bring my authentic self into the office every day and, as a result, who I am is an essential aspect of my work.


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