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June Product Launch
Assistive AI for every 911 call
Prepared Assist unlocks faster call processing by streamlining information gathering and improving console-to-console collaboration.

Trusted by

Trusted by

Proven to help telecommunicators operate more efficiently

faster call processing with Prepared
more calls that are QA'ed using Prepared
Meet Prepared Assist
Every call’s essentials, summarized on a single screen
The key data from every call summarized and centralized on a single pane of glass, so you can focus on what matters.

Live Call Transcription

Never miss a detail again

AI-Powered Insights

Critical information, highlighted for you

Audio and Text Translation

Communicate in the caller's language

Analytics Dashboard

Your PSAP operations visualized

Workflow Automations

Streamline operations in your PSAP
Powered by leading AI models
AI designed for 911, honed by millions of calls
Prepared works with nearly a thousand agencies across the US to ensure you’re armed with cutting edge technology that gets the job done.
CPE agnostic for seamless integration
Our cloud and web-based solution works with any existing setup, so you don’t need to rip and replace or disrupt existing workflows.
Trusted nationwide
Prepared technology helps protect millions of Americans
PSAPs that use Prepared
people protected by Prepared's platform
calls analyzed by Prepared

Bring assistive AI to your PSAP today

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