Our values serve as the foundation of our culture, and our culture is upheld by the actions of our team.

We hold ourselves and our teammates accountable to our values to ensure that our work has integrity and contributes to making communities safer.

We are a force for good.

Integrity > Conformity
Honest > Convenient
We operate with a strong moral compass. We always choose to do what is right, even when it is a hard choice to make.

We view challenges as opportunities.

Challenge > Comfort
Learn > Know
We do what it takes to get the job done. We see challenges as opportunities to make a positive impact – to make a difference.

We embrace radical candor.

Ideas > Egos
Discussion > Debate
We actively seek feedback from members of our team and embrace communication that is actionable and straightforward.

We build lifelong community.

Sum > Parts
Genuine > Superficial
We value strong relationships. Our success is directly reflected in that of our teammates and that of our customers.

We achieve quality with speed.

Prioritize > Sacrifice
Results > Progress
We hold ourselves accountable to operating with the same urgency as the first responders who help keep our communities safe.


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Customer Success

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