Akron PD Uses Prepared to Locate and Save Shooting Victim

Note: The following contains a description of a violent crime that resulted in an ongoing police investigation. The victim is in “serious but stable” condition and Akron PD encourages you to reach out with any tips by using the channels at the bottom of this article.

In a life or death situation, it took just one word for the Akron Police Department to get Michael McGough the medical attention he needed: “help.”

Just after midnight on November 9th, someone broke into his home and shot him. While he crawled to their neighbor’s home to get help, his female roommate, who requested anonymity while speaking to WOIO, hid in her bedroom and quietly called 9-1-1.

“I pulled my phone out and I called 911. I couldn’t talk because I didn’t know where they were in the house, and I didn’t want to get shot,” she told WOIO.

Crucially, she was able to say “help” before abruptly ending the call. With only one word and a general location to work from, officers typically would’ve been forced to drive around the neighborhood in hopes they could locate the victim, losing critical time. Instead, with the help of Prepared, they were able to send Michael’s roommate a text.

“The text read, ‘this is Akron, we got a 911 call, is everything okay?’ And then she literally responds back with ‘help’ and the address,” Captain David Laughlin told FOX8.

According to a release on the Akron Police Department Facebook page, “When officers arrived, they located a 26-year-old male victim with an apparent gunshot wound to the upper body. Officers recognized that the victim was in critical condition and provided emergency first aid until EMS arrived. The victim was transported to the Cleveland Clinic Akron General Hospital, where he underwent surgery and is listed in serious but stable condition.”

The release adds that, “The combined use of the technology and the initial actions of the responding officers provided the victim with a fighting chance to survive his injuries.”

“You know, it gives me goosebumps just thinking about it right now that it worked that well, that officers were on the way, got there, rendered aid to this young man who had been shot. I mean, everybody did spectacular work from the communications center to the police, our EMS personnel,” said Captain Laughlin.

“Technology is a great thing if it helps us,” Captain Laughlin concluded, “In this case, it did help to save this young man’s life, I think.”

Per the Akron Police Department, “The incident remains under investigation, and detectives are working to identify and locate the person or persons responsible for the shooting. The exact motive behind the incident is unknown.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Akron Police Department Detective Bureau at 330-375-2490 or 330-375-2Tip. Citizens may also provide anonymous information to any of the following:

Prepared wishes Michael a full and speedy recovery and commends his roommate for her heroic actions during his time of need. We also wish her the best as she recovers from the incident.

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