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How ECCs are using Prepared to find lost persons (and dogs)

How ECCs are using Prepared to find lost persons (and dogs)

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Quickly locating lost parties is a crucial job for ECCs. In this newsletter, we'll cover three examples from our partners where Prepared technology provided critical location and situational awareness intel that would've otherwise not been received. In each case, Prepared technology helped 9-1-1 heroes:

  • Gain instant "eyes-on-scene" despite being far from the actual location, with responders yet to arrive
  • Provide field responders with critical context to help them prepare for the situation they were about to enter
  • Communicate clearly and effectively with emergent parties, providing a sense of calm and assurance that helped create positive outcomes

Let's dive in.

Note: quotes have been edited lightly for continuity and clarity

Lost and Injured Hiker - Custer County Sheriff's (SD)

"We were notified of an injured hiker on one of our local trails. The report came in from another ECC without much information. We were given the RPs phone number, a Prepared message was sent, and the RP advised they did not have much cell battery left. Through Prepared, we were able to text a lot of critical information about the patient and location, including pictures of the extent of injury and a picture of their location.

"Without Prepared, the process would have been so much slower and information available would have required SAR and Medical to carry much more unneeded equipment. We were also able to pass pertinent info to family waiting at the trailhead enabling them to remain calm and confident in the resources available being provided. The patient was quickly found because of the text communication ability, ability of reporting parties to send picture information and the calmness provided through use of the system to patient and reporter."

Third Party MVA - Jefferson County 9-1-1 (AL)

"A male caller said his wife was in a wreck near Woodhaven Lake and did not have any other location information. The caller gave his wife's phone number, and [telecommunicator] Chasity was able to send her a Prepared link. The female responded to the link and was able to send a short video. It appeared that her vehicle was in a ditch well off the roadway and the female was injured and disoriented....we were then able to get her exact location through what3words and the female never even called 911....I thought this was so awesome and exciting!"

Lost dog - Lancaster County Sheriff's (VA)

"[A call came in reporting an issue with a dog] and the dispatcher was trying to find out where the dog was located and what exactly was going on. The dog's owner was very frantic and the Dispatcher was very confused as to what was going on with the dog and where exactly the dog was. The dispatcher was able to send a Prepared link and then see exactly what the caller was trying to say. The dispatcher was then able to tell the fire department the situation and they were able to prepare with the proper tools before they got there. The dispatcher noticed that the owner calmed down immediately as soon as she was able to see the video and tell her what she was seeing."


Amazing work from all three telecommunicators and their teams!

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