How are 911 centers using AI-powered technology?

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Hamilton County 9-1-1 have placed themselves at the cutting edge of public safety technology over the last five years.

Led by Executive Director Jeff Carney, the southeastern Tennessee agency first adopted the Prepared platform in 2022. Earlier this year, they upgraded their capabilities with the launch of Prepared Assist, incorporating AI-powered audio processing into their dispatch process.

Here's how they're using Assist to increase their efficiency...

Transcription and Translation

Prepared Assist transcribes and translates call audio in real-time, giving telecommunicators the ability to refer back to information from earlier in the call and reducing their reliance on third-party translators:

Click here to listen to Executive Director Jeff Carney speak about Transcription and Translation

Real-time QA during an OB emergency

Keyword triggers immediately alert Supervisors of active critical incidents based on words detected in call audio:

Click here to listen to Executive Director Jeff Carney speak about this real-life case

"If it detects violence, if it detects that a person is not breathing, it alerts a supervisor, so the supervisor can join in on that call and make sure everything is going okay and that the right resources are being sent," said Carney (Local 3 News).

Enhanced T-CPR

T-CPR has proven to be a crucial intervention for out-of-hospital cardiac arrests. By incorporating video, Hamilton County have found even more success:

Click here to listen to Executive Director Jeff Carney speak about video-enhanced T-CPR

"For a long time 9-1-1 has been like submarine without a periscope, and now we've got a periscope," said Carney.


AI has arrived in 9-1-1 and agencies like Hamilton County are demonstrating how it can help centers operate more efficiently and drive better outcomes for their communities.

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