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Introducing Prepared Assist, the first-ever assistive 911 platform

Introducing Prepared Assist, the first-ever assistive 911 platform
"Prepared continues to be a wonderful group to partner with as we seek to improve our service to callers and first responders," says Jeff Carney, Director of Hamilton County 9-1-1, "The features [in Prepared Assist] will also make better use of our call-takers' time which is always important but especially now as we struggle with manpower issues. Their solutions save seconds which save lives."

Across the country, 9-1-1 centers are operating understaffed, leaving their professionals overworked and stressed. As new, life-saving data is incorporated into the emergency response process, and call volumes steadily increase, telecommunicators and supervisors have more tasks to juggle than ever before. Throughout 2023, these issues became increasingly evident to our team, so we sought out to build a platform that helps solve them.

Today, we are proud to introduce Prepared Assist, a groundbreaking, cloud-native, call-handling agnostic, assistive 9-1-1 platform that enables your agency to operate more efficiently than ever before.

The first tier, Assist Starter (formerly Prepared Live), introduces next-generation data that helps you get to the heart of every call. The second tier, Assist Plus (formerly Prepared Live Enhanced, the first tier powered by AI, as are both tiers that follow it), ensures you can communicate with and locate every caller. The third tier, Assist Pro, incorporates call audio processing and transcription to help you process calls faster. The fourth tier, Assist Unlimited, synthesizes all of that data to superpower your operation and reduce the burden on your team:

Meet Prepared Assist

Our partner agencies have been able to use the platform to benefit their center in a variety of ways, including: 

  • Real-time QA and QI by supervisors
  • Faster discovery and verification of location
  • Reducing questions asked by call-takers
  • Trauma load monitoring
  • Enhanced field safety for police and fire

"Over the last 24 months, we've seen time and time again the amazing service that 9-1-1 professionals do for their respective communities. Our company's goal has always been to help them do their job better, faster, and easier," says CEO Michael Chime, "Today, I believe we're taking the most significant step that mission so far. The capabilities added by the launch of Prepared Assist sit at the core of the telecommunicator's role, ensuring they're better equipped to handle modern challenges and save lives in the process."

"I love that I can see what's going on anywhere [in the center], at any time, I can real-time quality assure, and I can give real-time feedback," says Anthony Mignogna, Chief of Communications at Delaware County Emergency Services.

As members of the Prepared Customer Advisory Board, Jeff and Anthony, alongside their agencies, have played a key role in the development of Prepared Assist. Both Hamilton County 9-1-1 and Delaware County Emergency Services are actively using Prepared Assist to process call audio and help their telecommunicators save time and effort.

If you're interested in learning more about Assist and assistive 9-1-1 technology, we encourage you to sign up for our upcoming webinar and to watch our launch video. Additionally, you can reach out to us directly by filling out the form below or emailing


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