SEMRECC uses live video to upgrade fire response plan

For 911 callers reporting a fire, it can be difficult to find the right words to describe the situation. The developing flame may be the first they’ve ever seen outside of a campground and firefighters may be left with an inaccurate description that puts them in harm’s way as a result.

That all changes when they can access live video from the scene.

Last week, the Southeastern Massachusetts Regional Emergency Communications Center (SEMRECC) night shift took a call from a community member reporting a fire. Using Prepared Assist, the telecommunicator requested live video from the caller:

“The live footage allowed our team to immediately upgrade the response plan, ensuring the right help was on the way, faster and better prepared. Plus, we shared this crucial visual insight with the responding fire department, giving them a clear picture of the situation before they arrived.”

Live video directly from the scene provided situational clarity for both 911 and the fire department, ensuring firefighters were prepared with the right information to respond appropriately. Great work, SEMRECC!

If you’d like to learn more about how you can arm your firefighters and telecommunicators with situational clarity, schedule a call with us.

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