Metro Nashville Department of Emergency Communications Launches Prepared Assist

Prepared is excited to announce the launch of Prepared Assist within the Metro Nashville Department of Emergency Communications, empowering Nashville’s telecommunicators with assistive AI purpose-built for 911.

With the rollout of the Prepared platform in early May, Metro Nashville unlocked faster call processing by streamlining information gathering and improving console-to-console collaboration. Since then, the agency has seen success with audio language translation, AI call summaries and insights, and supervisor workflows, among other functionalities and use cases.

“We’re always looking to give our telecommunicators the best tools out there and to give them the best resources that allow them to do their job as well as they can do it,” said Assistant Director of Emergency Operations Paul McCallister, “If we can hand them a tool that helps them do something more efficiently and more effectively, we always want to look for that, and Prepared Assist does that. It’s game-changing.”

At the recent CMA Fest in early June, a premier country music event, the agency leveraged Prepared Assist’s AI-powered audio transcription, keyword alert triggers, and supervisor workflows to track incidents at specific stages where specific artists were performing. When a given artist or stage name was spoken on a call, a Supervisor was automatically alerted, enabling them to monitor the situation at each stage from bird’s eye view while maintaining visibility into individual calls.

“Metro Nashville is a pioneering, innovative public safety agency that’s consistently demonstrated a willingness to lead from the front in our industry,“ said Prepared CEO Michael Chime, “Their commitment to providing their staff with the best tools available is admirable and the community benefits from better service as a result. We believe we offer the most assistive technology available to 911 and this launch is a testament to that belief.”

Metro Nashville joins numerous agencies across the country that have incorporated assistive AI into their ECC operations and hundreds of agencies that trust Prepared for mission-critical multimedia and text. To learn more about bringing assistive AI to your agency, talk to a member of our team and check out what else Nashville had to say about Prepared Assist:

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