Prepared Assist, Telecommunicator Help Woman Give Birth

One of our central goals as a company is to help public safety professionals save as many lives as possible. We are fortunate to say that, through the work of our hundreds of partner centers, we’ve seen a number of incredible men and women go above and beyond the call of duty to do just that.

Last week, however, something happened that we’ve never seen before: a telecommunicator used Prepared Live to help a young woman give birth. Here’s the story from St. Clair County, Alabama, from the perspective of the Central Dispatch supervisor (lightly edited for clarity):

“One of our telecommunicators received a call for a young woman in active labor with an extended ETA for EMS. While waiting for EMS, a deputy arrived on the scene as the baby was crowning. The telecommunicator was able to assist the deputy with the aide of Prepared Live and Alabama EMD pre-arrival call guide to help with a safe, successful delivery of a healthy baby boy. Mother and baby did well and were transported to the hospital to be checked by a doctor. Great job by both [the telecommunicator] and the deputy on-scene.”

The story made waves across Alabama over the past week, as multiple outlets covered the story and interviewed the heroic actors:

Here’s a snippet from the WVTM13 story:

“’We used an app called 'Prepared Live,'" Deputy Wise told me. ‘Think of it like FaceTime, where two parties can watch one another and communicate. I rushed to the young mother and made her comfortable as she continued with her labor. The young mother’s mom was with her and was very concerned.’”

Thank you, Deputy Wise, and thank you, St. Clair County Central Dispatch, for the amazing work that you did last week! We are proud to have helped.

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