Prepared integrates Emergency SOS Live Video

The iOS 18 feature increases accuracy of information reported for emergencies in real-time to make it easier and faster for iPhone users to get help from first responders

With the release of iOS 18 this fall, 911 dispatchers empowered by Prepared technology will be able see exactly what iPhone users see at emergency scenes in real-time with Emergency SOS Live Video.

In the middle of an emergency call, participating emergency dispatchers can send a request for a user to share live video or media from the user’s camera roll over a secure connection. By connecting with 911 callers to see live video, share photos, send texts and get fast, accurate location information, dispatchers can quickly understand the situation, and dispatch appropriate first responders. Prepared also allows dispatchers to share data with police, fire or EMS to assess emergencies while en route, which helps expedite response while reducing the burden on 911 staff.

The sample images above provide a glimpse of how powerful these capabilities are, and what the caller can expect with Emergency SOS Live Video: one scenario displays the caller sharing images from their media library, and the other shows the live video capability. Both of these quickly provide the dispatcher with a real-life account of the situation from the point of view of the iPhone user.

America’s 911 system continues to face a staffing crisis with a severe shortage of dispatchers to handle a staggering 250 million calls that pour into 911 centers annually. A shocking 82% of the nation's 5,700+ 911 centers grapple with understaffing, hiring challenges and retention issues according to NENA: The 9-1-1 Association. The situation takes a heavy toll with 90% of dispatchers reporting burnout and many citing fatigue and anxiety. Prepared’s Assistive AI for 911 allows centers to do more with less when every second matters. Smartphones host data about emergencies that 911 dispatchers need – this includes valuable information like accurate location, photos, video access and text messaging. However, accessing this data and processing it becomes a challenge because most of the infrastructure in these centers still use landline technology lacking the required level of sophistication. Ironically, 80% of 911 calls come from wireless devices, according to NENA. Prepared solved this problem with an affordable browser-based platform which easily processes and transports multi-modal data bi-directionally.

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