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Text Language Translation for 130+ languages now available

Text Language Translation for 130+ languages now available

Prepared is excited to announce the launch of Text Language Translation within the Prepared Live Enhanced software platform. Users will now be able to read and reply to texts from 9-1-1 callers in over 130 languages. This feature addition is another step in the continued development of the most citizen-friendly, accessible 9-1-1 software available to public safety agencies.

“We’re thrilled to add Text Language Translation to Prepared Live Enhanced,” says CEO Michael Chime, “As a company, our mission is to bring lifesaving software to every person in the United States. To achieve that, and guide our decision-making, we lean heavily on feedback from our PSAPs and the amazing 9-1-1 professionals that operate them. We've heard time and time again that language barriers prevent many 9-1-1 callers from effectively and efficiently getting the help that they need. Adding this feature has been a priority for our team for a long time and we’ve focused on making it available to agencies as soon as possible.”

Existing 9-1-1 processes for callers who do not speak English are arduous for telecommunicators and can cause undue stress on the caller. Critical time is lost determining what language is being spoken, finding a translator (or translation service), and then actually communicating through the chosen intermediary.

By providing instant translation of any text (received or sent), Prepared Live Enhanced's Text Language Translation empowers the telecommunicator to act quickly and independently of any intermediary, helping to reduce the stress and confusion of the caller, and decrease the response time of emergency services.

Text Language Translation joins the Prepared Live Enhanced texting suite alongside inbound/outbound text and Real-Time Text, which allows the dispatcher to see what the caller is typing even if the caller is unable to hit send. Prepared Live Enhanced is a paid feature-set expansion of the free software that helps protect over 35 million citizens in 45 states around the country.

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