Assistive AI for 911
Discover and act on critical information, faster
Our assistive, AI-powered platform unlocks telecommunicator efficiency, allowing them to centralize, synthesize, and process data faster to quickly discover and act on what matters most.

Reduce mistakes, increase accuracy, gain speed

Improve call processing times and efficiency by leveraging the power of assistive AI.

Two-way audio and text translation

Speed up non-English calls by communicating in the caller’s language.

Critical data centralized on a single pane of glass

Incorporate assistive AI without disrupting existing workflows.

Achieve situational clarity

Next-generation media and text combine with assistive AI to give you the full picture of an emergency, faster than ever before.

Enhanced visibility for supervisors

Workflows ensure that you never miss a high-priority incident and catch errors before they’re errors

Available today, in your agency tomorrow

Our over-the-top, cloud-based solution can be implemented with lightning speed.
AI-powered insights
Mission-critical information flagged for you
Get summaries of every call and see highlighted key information like person descriptions, addresses, and license plates.
Two-way call translation
Handle any call in any language
Our AI-powered system recognizes audio in 19 languages and allows you to communicate by voice or by text in 140+ languages.
Supervisor analytics and workflows
Never miss a critical incident
See everything happening in your PSAP from anywhere at any time with our tools for supervisors.

Built to supercharge PSAP operations from the frontline to the director’s chair

Bring assistive AI to your PSAP today

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