Mental Health for Dispatchers: Basics

Mental Health for Dispatchers: Basics

911 dispatchers are the calm in the chaos, the one's who listen to the worst moment's of our lives, call after call, day after day. Over time, the stress and potential trauma of this repetition can wear on the individual. It's important that dispatchers and agency leaders take the time to acknowledge these facts and make attempts to learn mental health and wellness practices.

While not everything can be covered in a single toolkit, this toolkit helps provide the basic building blocks for becoming a more informed, mentally health dispatcher. In this toolkit, Dr. Kathryn Hamel, trauma expert and law enforcement veteran, will walk you through:

  • Definitions of key mental health and wellness terms
  • Signs to look for in yourself and colleagues to recognize depression
  • Real-life exercises and practices that you can start TODAY to better your mental health and wellness

...and so, so much more.

We hope you leave this toolkit with a greater ability to work on your mental health day-to-day. Download it for free below!

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