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Highlighting Heroes: Five Stories You Might've Missed

Highlighting Heroes: Five Stories You Might've Missed

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Here at Prepared, we're always looking for what's next in public safety.

Today, we're going to look celebrate. We've had a lot of amazing save stories in the past two years and we want to make sure you haven't missed a single one. We want to give these professionals another chance to be celebrated and have their incredible work recognized.

So here are five of the best from 2022 and 2023...

Crockett County Uses Video to Enhance T-CPR and Save a Life

T-CPR, a vital intervention that can save thousands of lives per year, can be incredibly difficult to administer. Meaghan Smith found out just how difficult when she received a call from a mother saying her son was passed out in their front yard and not responding.

Click here to read the story of this Prepared T.O.P. Save and how Meaghan acted quickly to save a life.

Tuscola 911 Uses Prepared to Help Save 14 Stranded on Ice

Imagine that you’re stranded on an ice floe, in the middle of a frozen body of water, in the dead of winter, in Michigan. Then imagine that the first person that came to rescue you also got stuck and joined you as stranded......then add 12 more people.

Six public safety professionals at Tuscola County Central Dispatch faced this exact situation on February 6th, 2023.

Click here to read how they worked together to save all 14 people and receive T.O.P. save awards for their efforts

Hamilton County Uses Prepared to Keep Victim Safe During Domestic Incident

Hamilton County 9-1-1 received a call from a third party caller in another state, reporting that her friend was being held in her apartment by her boyfriend, who was armed with a knife, and both parties were intoxicated. Kami Turner acted quickly to help resolve the situation safely.

Click here to read the story of this Prepared T.O.P. Save

Hometown Hero Haleigh Cline Receives First T.O.P. Save Award for Saving Stranded Boaters

For Haleigh Cline, what started as a normal day with Davidson County 911 quickly turned into one she’d never forget when two males and a female were journeying down Yadkin River in a small jon boat and capsized white water rapids.. Haleigh was the first ever recipient of the Prepared T.O.P. Save Award for her actions in service of her community while using Prepared Live.

Click here to read her story

Jim Scalzo makes a T.O.P Save on Top of a Mountain

In fall 2022, Jim Scalzo (Larimer County Sheriff's Office) got a call about a free climber stranded on a ledge halfway up the rock face of Greyrock Mountain. His quick thinking earned him the second-ever Prepared T.O.P. Save Award and a feature on CBS Colorado.

Click here to read his story


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