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How can we Assist you?

How can we Assist you?

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Two weeks ago, Prepared announced the launch of Prepared Assist, a new platform that merges AI and call audio processing with existing Prepared features. Today, we'll take a look at how Assist is helping 911 centers operate more efficiently.

Supervisor View

The new Supervisor View gives supervisor a live look at what's happening in their center as it's happening. As Prepared Assist processes and transcripts call audio, Supervisors have the ability to set keyword triggers that notify them whenever there's a situation that they want to actively monitor, eliminating communication barriers and ensuring they have situational clarity within their center at all times.

Real-time QA

Not only is the Supervisor alerted to the call, they can monitor the call from their desk as it happens and give immediate feedback after it's resolved. Watch this real-life example that occurred during a NARCAN call from Delaware County Emergency Services:

Trauma Load Monitoring

Supervisors can pre-flag sensitive calls that may lead to increased trauma load on telecommunicators to ensure they receive proper attention and care.

New tools on the frontline

In addition to our industry-leading media and text features, Prepared Assist brings new capabilities to call-takers and dispatchers that help them achieve situational clarity and process calls faster.

Call audio transcription

Call audio transcription gives the telecommunicator a live view of what's being said by the caller and themselves. If the caller gave an address, a location, or even a suspect description,earlier in the call, the telecommunicator simply has to scroll back up to find it, rather than repeating their question.

Hear from a call-taker that uses it on every call:

Call audio translation

As a result of the processing of call audio transcripts, Prepared Assist can translate incoming audio in 19 languages, saving crucial time for the telecommunicator.

Your tools, consolidated to a single screen

Prepared Assist centralizes mission-critical capabilities on a single screen, ensuring telecommunicators don't have to worry about significant disruptions to their workflow in order to reap the benefits of the platform.

Hear from a 911 systems manager about the impact of centralization:


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