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Three things you'll hear at IACP 2023

Three things you'll hear at IACP 2023

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For the first time in company history, Prepared is heading to the International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference. We're also thrilled to be hosting a Speaker Series at our Booth (#1011), featuring informative and innovative discussions on the latest trends in policing.

For this week's newsletter, we'll provide a quick preview of three of our speaker sessions and give reasons you should stop by to participate (or watch on replay after the conference).

Click the link for each topic to register your interest for #IACP2023 or to watch the replay afterward! One lucky attendee will win a prize at Sessions #2 and #3.

Speaker #1: Former Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis

Topic: Building Community Trust Through Technology

For 35 years, Ed Davis served his communities as a law enforcement professional, including seven years as the Commissioner of the Boston Police Department. During that time, he oversaw the response to the Boston Marathon bombing and helped lead the manhunt for the perpetrators. During his time leading the Lowell Police Department, between 1994 and 1999, Lowell reduced crime more quickly than any other American city with over 100,000 residents (per the Heritage Foundation).

Today, Ed is here to talk about how technology liked Prepared's can help law enforcement better connect with the communities they serve. He'll lean on his decades of experience while speaking through a modern lens, focusing on the problems of today and the specific ways that law enforcement can build trust.

Speaker(s) #2: Ryan Layne , Guardian Alliance and Chris M. Carden, Prepared

Topic: Technology for the Staffing Crisis

During this session, former police Chief Chris Carden (Regional Sales Manager, South @ Prepared) will join Ryan Layne, CEO of Guardian Alliance Technologies for a candid discussion on the staffing crisis in policing. They'll dive into:

  1. What are the issues facing departments in recruitment?
  2. What are the issues facing departments in retention?
  3. What should be a department’s top future-looking priorities?

Ryan and Chris will weave the impact of technology into each discussion topic, sharing with the audience the specific ways that they can leverage it to combat the staffing crisis.

Prize giveaway: $150+ worth of police gear from ShieldBox

Speaker #3: Timothy Perry, former Federal Law Enforcement Official

Topic: Driving Policy Outcomes That Matter

As a former Federal Law Enforcement Official, and current Head of Strategic Initiatives at Prepared, Tim Perry has a unique understanding of the difficulties that Chiefs, Sheriffs, and other law enforcement officials face as they attempt to make a positive impact on policies in their communities.

Specifically, Tim knows how difficult it can be to implement and execute on the right policies, at the right time, with proper funding and local support. During this session, Tim will use his decades of experience to help provide officials with guidance on how they can use their position, their knowledge, and their skillset to drive positive policy change in their communities. He'll discuss:

  1. The issues at the forefront of policymakers' minds
  2. How Chiefs can focus on achieving policy success
  3. How technology can help achieve that success

And much more!

Prize giveaway: Smith & Wesson Police Watch


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