prepared assist

Meet your new assistant in the 911 center

Whether you’re on the console taking calls or need a 360 view of every position, Prepared Assist is built to help you work faster and smarter

Built to help 911 with its greatest challenges

New tools in your toolbox to meet any emergency.

Achieve Situational Clarity

With media, text, and enhanced location view, telecommunicators gain the tools to understand the caller's emergency in any circumstance

Real-time QA and QI

Call transcripts and keyword triggers ensure you know about every incident you want to the moment it happens

Faster, more accurate call processing

Call transcripts and AI insights allow you to refer back to what the caller has already said so you don’t have to repeat questions

Reduce telecommunicator workload

911 hangup automation, translation, and insights take burdens off the telecommunicator

Packages built to meet your agency's mission-critical needs

Gain next-generation data so your team can get to the heart of every call - faster
Two-way text
Photo and video
GPS location
Chat with responders
Locate and communicate with every caller, no matter their language or circumstance
Everything in Starter, plus:
Text translation for 140+ languages
Inbound non-emergency texting
Enhanced location, including what3words and Z-axis
Supervisor dashboard, featuring keyword flagging for texts
Add caller audio processing that increases efficiency and drives life-saving outcomes
Everything in Plus, plus:
Every 911 call, recorded and transcribed in real-time for the telecommunicator to view
Audio translation for 19 languages
911 hangup automation
Keyword flagging for audio
Customizable workflows
Supercharge your entire operation with a synthesized view of every data point
Everything in Pro, plus:
AI-powered data insights
Instant sentiment analysis
...and more

Get a look at the full capabilities of Prepared Assist by speaking with a member of our team.