Drive critical efficiency gains for your agency by leveraging assistive AI
Prepared Assist is built to address your most pressing challenges.
Supervisors execute real-time QA and QI
Monitor calls from anywhere within the center and be notified whenever a specific call-type occurs to execute real-time QA and QI.
Telecommunicators catch errors before they’re errors
Don’t miss a single digit on a license plate or address by using transcripts and insights as live backup to reaffirm what you’re hearing.
Reduced liability and risk
As supervisors monitor more critical calls in real-time, train telecommunicators on errors earlier, and telecommunicators catch their errors before they happen, liability and risk decrease.
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Get the right information to the dispatcher, every time
Audio transcription, insights, and call summaries ensure that the dispatcher has the complete picture on every call.
Get the right information to the dispatcher faster
Insights and call summaries highlight the most important pieces of information to give the dispatcher a head start on preparing field responders.
Reduced callbacks, increased clarity, friction eliminated
With transcripts, insights, and call summaries at their fingertips, users see reduced callbacks between dispatchers, call takers, and callers.
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Two-way audio translation for 33 languages
AI automatically detects and translates non-English language audio, allowing you to speak back in the same language
Two-way text translation for 140+ languages
When the caller can’t speak or the call language isn’t supported, you can text in a larger library of languages
Streamlined translation
Don’t wait for a third party translation service, communicate with the caller instantly
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