Prepared Live

Save Time, Save Effort, Save Lives

Greater context, clarity, and certainty through empowered communications.

Meet the Caller Where They Are

New tools in your toolbox to meet any emergency.


See what the caller is seeing by requesting live video.


If you think livestream will be valuable but don’t want to see it yourself, you can blur it instantly.


Dispatcher-initiated, two-way text enables you to communicate with the caller even when they can’t speak.

GPS Location

Supplement or replace your existing location data with pinpoint GPS location from Prepared Live.

Want to do even more? Enhance it.

Prepared Live Enhanced ensures you can handle every emergency, no matter the circumstance, in a single interface.

Language Translation

External Integrations

Non-Emergency Text

…and More!

Get a look at the full capabilities of Prepared Live Enhanced by speaking with a member of our team.